I have important news, and I wanted you to be the first to know . . .
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help beat do nothing dan I have important news, and I wanted you to be the first to know: I have agreed to switch congressional districts and run against a do-nothing Republican!

Several months ago, I was recruited by strong conservative activists to consider running against Congressman Dan Webster in the Republican Primary -- and in the heart of Trump country!

Dan Webster is a career politician who has held numerous elected offices since 1980, and the conservative base is furious with him.


Well, when Democrats impeached President Trump a second time, do-nothing Dan Webster didn’t even bother to show up and vote!
Help me win against a do-nothing Republican!

help laura loomer beat do-nothing dan

That’s inexcusable!

Even if Webster couldn’t make it to Washington that day, he could have cast a "NO!" proxy vote to defend President Trump in what was clearly a sham impeachment. But instead, this so-called Republican did nothing!

Help me beat him in the primary by backing my campaign relaunch today!

Let me tell you about my new district.

The 11th is west of Orlando and is a safe red seat. It’s very safe and rated an R+15.

That makes it even more inexcusable for do-nothing Dan when he refuses to take a stand against Democrats!

And when I win this primary, no matter who the Democrats run against me in the general election, they’ll have a near-impossible chance to beat me in an America-first, hard-red congressional district!

But this won’t be a cake walk.

I’ll need to raise $180,000 each month for the next year to be able to knock out do-nothing Dan.

Will you be one of the first investors in my new campaign?

help laura loomer beat do-nothing dan

Like I said, this won’t be easy and that’s because I know the GOP establishment is going to fight me.

They don’t want someone like me in Congress, because I absolutely will NOT sit down or be quiet, they will not own me, they know I am not, nor will I ever be, bought and paid for by the establishment elite.

They know I’ll raise hell against the Democrats while they sit on their hands.

My experience proves that I’m a woman of action and true to my word. I absolutely will NOT compromise when it comes to defending our nation against foreign or domestic threats.

help laura loomer beat do-nothing dan

The establishment GOP is also afraid I’ll be the “AOC of the Republican party.” They're afraid I'll be more popular than them and they'll have to steer the party toward America-First values!

And they’re right! I’m bringing constitutional-conservative activism and true representation to Washington -- and they wont' be able to stop me!

So help me make that happen.

I can’t do it without your support – but together, we can win this race and save our nation.

Are you in?

Donate all that you can now and let’s make a big splash that they can’t ignore!

Thank you for all that you do.


Laura Loomer

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